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Quick Recap of Advanced Espionage:
Million Dollar CPA
This video case study reveals it all. Find out what type of CPA offer it is and what percentage were mobile vs. Desktop. Plus, see the optimal dates/times the campaign was run. Learn the unique way they are driving almost 1.4 million clicks & how you can do the same.
Viral Shirt Velocity
Discover how to we effectively drill down a brand new niche & find a shirt thats sold over 500+ in a little over a week. In addition, the amount of social shares, comments, and likes solidify that this niche is a winner.
Your Own Blackbook
Niche Research and idea generation has never been so easy. With the ability to pull hundreds and thousands of ads within minutes, it's important to catalog your results. We show you how we use free software to create our own swipe file of catalogged campaigns.
Discover The "Why"
We tackle the psychology of the custom tee buyer & what drives them to purchase. Understanding the target demographic to it's core does one main thing: increases conversions. Once you see this, you'll change the way you market to your niche!
Google Does WHAT?
You'll be amazed at what you can actually do with the power of Google & some Advanced Espionage. Imagine being able to pull in fresh ads & campaigns from ANY niche and have them delivered daily? We'll show you exactly how it's done & how lucrative it can be.
The Underground
Many profitable niches are hidden in plain "site". We share those sites and the primary market/niches that are crushing it with sales. "Why didn't I think of that?" will be the first thing you think when diving into the Underground. This will catapult your niche research & results.
Bold Behavior
If you're not using the Behaviors category for your ads - you're leaving money on the table. We divulge behavior categories you didn't even know you had access to. Start a new campaign or revive an old one using behaviors & watch the surge in sales...
Teespring Unleashed
This one is sure to make a splash. Just wait until you see what we've uncovered! You'll get the insight on how to find profitable stores based on the niche. Plus, we reveal how to show the highest selling shirts FIRST. This in conjunction with the Social Sleuth software make you unstoppable.
Bit.ly Secrets & Hacks
Bit.ly is one of the most powerful assets you can utilize wth Social Sleuth. Not only do they harvest 8 billion clicks a month but they also track everything. Discover what you've been missing - demographics, time/date breakdown, traffic sources, and more. You're accessing paid traffic data without spending a penny - this is priceless.
It's All Covered
We've left no stone unturned for our Social Sleuth Advanced Espionage.

And the best part?

We have in depth videos that compliment all of the training.
Don't Worry - you won't need to sit through hours of painstakingly shot footage. There's not a 300 page PDF document either.

We've carefully crafted the Advanced Espionage training to be as detailed, yet succinct, as possible.

It's all easily digestible gold nuggets that you can take and implement immediately in your own business.
Let's Make a Deal
Look - we know how much this will benefit you.

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