This Changes Everything.
Unearth Hidden Dark Post Ads, Minute Old Campaigns, & Platform Specific Launches in Real Time!
What Can You Do With Social Sleuth?
Get Access to Never Ending Niche Ideas that are HIDDEN from Google & other Software.
Discover Profitable Shirt Campaigns on FB from Platforms like Teespring & ViralStyle.
Reverse Engineer 7 Figure CPA Campaigns that are Crushing it on FB.
Find Contests & Giveaways that have MASSIVE Viral Exposure & Optins
What's the Biggest Obstacle Marketers Face?
Anyone who has done 5, 6 even 7 Figures in with FB Ads know that targeting and converting copy is the “Cart”. But the “Horse” that drives the cart of every killer campaign is: 1. A Great Offer that resonates 2. A Buyers Market
The biggest obstacle marketers face is marketable idea generation. Yes, those precious little sparks of creativity and market insight that turns into hordes of hungry, happy buyers throwing money at you...

But Stagnation is a momentum killer! Having to find new niche discovery and converting designs kills consistent profitability. Being stuck for good ideas is not only a time waster - it’ so frustrating because you are a go-getter, and go-getters GO!
Now just imagine if you had the golden ticket for finding the top performing, best selling products on FB at your fingertips..
What could that do for your business?
Introducing Social Sleuth...
Social Sleuth is secretive software that will catapult your FB marketing into the stratosphere by revealing hidden niches & lucrative opportunities. This tackles the challenge of niche research, content freshness, & campaign profitability with innovative technology never released to the public - until now.
Discover Top Selling Designs & Apparel
Social Sleuth enables you to discover shirts on all platforms, not just Teespring. It will show designs hidden from search engines & dark posts for any niche.
Uncover Massive CPA Offers Making $$$
CPA Offers still bring in big bucks on FB with a carefully crafted funnel. Now you can reverse engineer these proven winners to replicate their success.
Explore Best Selling Physical Products
Skyrocket your e-commerce business by researching trending items on all platforms. This includes any e-commerce site such as Amazon or CafePress.
Get Access to Full Funnels in Any Niche is used by top marketers & professionals in many niches. Using Social Sleuth, you can discover their complete paid funnels being run on FB.
Simply Put: Social Sleuth will Change Your Business
Social Sleuth provides you with the secret key in the age of big data.

Photos, Videos, Shares? No problem. The Sleuth System will uncover it all instantly. This fast, lightweight app does all of the heavy lifting for your niche research to save hours of time.

Developed by sleuthing campaigner David Goldfinch whose distinguished background includes consulting for Government agencies and Fortune 500 Companies. David's out of the box thinking & intelligent design skills have crafted an insanely powerful piece of software for marketers.

How many times have you discovered campaigns too Late...ideas you could have KILLED IT WITH? With Social Sleuth, you'll be on the front lines and get a massive competitive advantage.

Time is Money!
There are no time outs and business runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It's 2015 and paid traffic is more competitive than ever. Don't waste your time creating campaigns out of thin air only to lose money.

You now have the opportunity to put in less time & guesswork to get the most optimal results you've ever had.
You Have a Choice..
So now you have a choice in how profitable you want your business to be in 2015.

Do yourself a favor and stop what you're doing in your business. Do you have room for your business and income to grow?

You could continue to use the same tools that are oversaturated & outdated. Or, you can break free from the pack with stunning new technology that Social Sleuth delivers.

We're inviting a small group of marketers to join the Social Sleuth elite & get in on the ground floor.
Who Else Is Using Social Sleuth?
See what other Smart Marketers are saying about the powerful Social Sleuth software...
"This is a great research tool with multiple applications. I am sending this off to my team ASAP We're going to get busy using this for multiple things." - Matt Schmitt
"I applied Social Sleuth to my niche which is SPORTS, scaled it and made a some great money. That was just 1 Design I uncovered before it was trending. I celebrated by flying out to Hawaii for a week. - So Get it - Apply it - Make Money!" - Wilton Taylor
Here's What You're Getting:

Full Access to Social Sleuth

For the Charter Launch, you get full & complete access to the Social Sleuth software. You're getting all of the features & future updates. Plus, there are currently no monthly fees or additional costs!

Exclusive Social Sleuth Members Area

The Social Sleuth members area has step by step training videos, updates & upgrades to the software, and sleuthing tips & tricks. You'll be uncovering new campaigns in minutes!

Bonus Case Study

See firsthand how profitable Social Sleuth is with this bonus Case Study. In the video, David dives deep into how he profited $18,000 with this software. This outside the box strategy is not something you've seen before - you'll be impressed.

Private Mastermind for Agents Only

The Mastermind community cultivates business partnerships & has in depth case studies. Being able to engage with other Social Sleuth Agents will expedite your success & put cash in your pocket faster than you ever thought possible.


Secret Training with 2 FB Millionaires

We are not revealing who yet - but let's just say combined they're responsible for several million dollars of revenue on Facebook in the last year. The will be talking about their systems and HOW to achieve the 7 figure status. This will hands down be the best event to attend to ensure your 2015 is the most lucrative and fulfilling year ever. This alone is worth the price of admission.

What Should You Do Next?
Join us and the Social Sleuth community to tap into the most powerful tool available for FB ads.

Other similar FB tools are priced at upwards of $200+ MONTHLY and provide only a fraction of what Social Sleuth can do. You won't pay anything close to that today...

This is your exclusive invite to be part of something special – will you accept or deny this opportunity?

If you were to invest in ONE last piece of software...this would be it. We’ll see you on the inside – welcome!
Get Social Sleuth Now for $197 $97 Just $47
Warning: The Price WILL Increase. Get in now at the Charter Membership Rate...
One-Time Only Payment During Charter Launch Special
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Social Sleuth Compliant & within the TOS?
Yes, Social Sleuth is 100% compliant and is within all terms of service.  Your FB account will not be at risk using Social Sleuth.

Does Social Sleuth work on PC & Mac?
Yes, Social Sleuth is a lightweight Google Chrome extension that will work on any system provided Google Chrome is installed.

What are the Monthly Fees and Hidden Costs with Social Sleuth?
During the Charter Membership Launch, you get full & complete access for a 1 time fee. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs so you can hit the ground running!

Is Social Sleuth easy to use & will there be training?
Social Sleuth takes 2 minutes to setup. The intuitive interface makes it a breeze to start your sleuthing. Additionally, we have step by step videos, a mastermind group, and live training to expedite your success.
PS – You’ve landed on this page for a reason. Successful people take action and make decisions to better their business. Join the Social Sleuth community now - you won't regret it. - Unearth Hidden Dark Post Ads, Minute Old Campaigns, & Platform Specific Launches
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